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Latest Release Jun-01-2020 IST

Should have any of these Installed OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


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With AlterCam you can add 50+ impacts to your live video stream, include overlay pictures/text/video/webcam and change the foundation. Additionally, the application will part your webcam video to the same number of projects as you need, so you will never observe those "webcam occupied" mistake again. You can include text remarks and logotype pictures to your webcam stream. Beginning with v2.1 you can change your voice progressively for the voice visits. Record your webcam video with the device. The program will pack the video on-the-fly, so it won't consume a lot of room on your hard drive. With AlterCam you can broadast anything you need to the virtual web camera (and to the world). You can communicate pre-recorded video, your work area, pictures, any substance.
Add impacts to your video talk and play around with your companions! Conceal your face with the mosaic or add your logo to your webcam stream quickly. You can communicate pre-recorded video, live work area or anything you need to the virtual web camera (like a phony webcam) and the world. Stunning Webcam Software for Windows PC! After you introduce the program, you'll have another virtual web camera in your framework. The video with impacts from any conceivable source will be communicated to this webcam. Switch your Skype and other webcam programming to "AlterCam Virtual Camera" to transmit the video with impacts applied!
How-to Change Voice During Video Chats
Along with helping you adjust the visual look and feel of your Live Webcasts, the application lets you make changes to the manner in which your sound sounds; continuously! Wouldn't it be cool on the off chance that you could change your voice during video visits? Presently you can. With this apparatus, you can change the manner in which your voice sounds during Live video visits and the sky is the limit from there. Utilizing sliding voice changer impact, alter your sound in an assortment of fun ways. You may be thinking about how something like this is conceivable. This program incorporates an uncommon driver that lets you advise different applications to utilize the product as a virtual sound gadget. For instance, you can be visiting on Skype yet decide to have the sound going through the apparatus. This accommodating how-to guide will assist you with beginning. For showing purposes, we will utilize the mainstream Skype™ administration.
How to Record Webcam Stream as a Video File
Did you realize that the item is presently ready to record your spilling webcasts? Catch alternative lets you select your sound/video codec and spares your streams as recordings! Regardless of whether you need to record a discussion with a companion, a significant conference, or you're hoping to manufacture a sight and sound introduction Alter Cam is here to help. To study how to begin utilizing this component, look at How-to direct situated underneath.
How-to Use Chromakey with your Webcam
Without an uncertainty, "Chroma keying" is one of the most energizing video altering stunts accessible today. On the off chance that you've at any point heard individuals notice the expression "green screen" it's something very similar. What the chroma key strategy permits editors to do is pick a solitary shading from the range and expel it totally from their screen. Green is frequently the shading that editors decide to separate and expel in light of the fact that the subjects of most chroma key video successions are human, and green isn't a shading that normally happens in the human composition.
Features and Highlights
Record webcam video and photograph
50+ of live impacts for the webcam
Include pictures over and under your video
Change voice progressively
Catch webcam stream to the video record
Communicate any video record to webcam
Include any content overlays
Backing of HD video goal
Work area broadcasting (with or without webcam video)
Use GPU speeding up for less CPU utilization
Parting webcam video to a few projects
Note: 30 days preliminary variant. Watermark on yield.