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Comodo Internet Security

Latest Release Mar-06-2019 IST

Compatible for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 32 Bit


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Description :

Comodo Internet Security is the free, multi-layered, security application that offers complete affirmation from diseases, Trojans, worms, bolster floods, zero-day attacks, spyware and developers. Worked beginning from the most punctual stage taking into account your security, Comodo Internet Security unites astounding Antivirus protection, an endeavor class pack filtering firewall, pushed have interference shirking, application control and threatening to spyware in one strikingly mind blowing application. Download Comodo Internet Security Offline Installer Setup!
The latest variation sees a huge hop forward in security and usability with the extension of cloud based disease checking and direct assessment of unrecognized records - making CIS unmatched at perceiving zero-day attacks. Under default settings, dark and untrusted records are normally checked by cloud-based disease scanners by then, while the report encounters direct examination on cloud server, it is run in a sandbox on your close by machine with the objective that it can't modify or impact data on your 'certified' system. Put forward doubtlessly, this critical procedure for making sure about your PC infers that singular accepted applications are allowed to run on your PC. Malware and untrusted records sit around idly near anything huge AND you find the opportunity to use your PC without break from bugging cautions.
Comodo Internet Security in like manner incorporates a neighborly graphical UI; granular arrangement decisions; easily grasped and edifying alerts; wizard-based acknowledgment of trusted in zones and generously more. The contraption passes on embraced class security and can be used out of the carton - so even the most natural customers won't have to oversee complex arrangement issues after foundation. The application is available in different lingos and is free for eternity.
Features and Highlights :
Tracks down and pound any current malware stowing endlessly in a PC.

Detects spyware threats and obliterates each malady.
Yields, perceives and removes rootkits on your PC.
Bot Protection
Hinders malevolent programming changing your PC into a zombie.
Guarantees fundamental system archives and squares malware before it presents.
Auto Sandbox Technologyâ„¢
Runs dark records in a withdrew area where they can cause no mischief.
Memory Firewall
Cutting edge protection from refined help flood ambushes.
Butchers pernicious systems before they can do hurt.
Note: 30 days starter variation of Comodo Internet Security Pro. After the ideal opportunity for testing, you can value the no-cost interpretation of Comodo Internet Security Premium.