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Acer Empowering Technology Framework 2.03.4004

Latest Release May-07-2008 IST

Should have any of these Installed OS : Windows XP / Vista


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Description :

Acer Empowering Technology Framework is a framework utility made to give PC arrangements worked by a huge worldwide equipment and gadgets company Acer Inc with a wide exhibit of utilization modules planned to supervise their systems administration, information recuperation, and force the board administrations. It is basically an all inclusive organization stage that can circulate fundamental projects for the two beginners and prepared experts. The center of the contribution arrives in a type of three utilities that oversee power utilization (which is basic for PC clients), information recuperation, and framework settings that can plan PC for a wide range of profitability challenges.
Developed starting from the earliest stage just serve work area PCs and PCs that are furnished with Acer equipment and going with Acer equipment gadget drivers, this innovation conveyance stage stays contrary with some other PC producer. At dispatch, this application will naturally identify the PC equipment as of now present and will won't permit the establishment of Acer framework utilities that are upgraded to work just on Acer-affirmed equipment. During the establishment, the client will be requested the sort of framework that is utilized – work area or PC. This straightforward decision can profoundly affect the essential arrangement of the modules that the Acer Empowering Technology Framework will introduce. Know that an honest answer is vital to ordinary framework activity since PCs and work areas require distinctive framework setups and unique programming courses of action.
Acer Empowering Technology Framework doesn't have its own UI. It is only an application arrangement stage that can advance your Acer PC with improved framework utilities. Administrations accessible through this stage are "ePower Management" that can control all parts of PC batteries and drawing out their utilization in a hurry, "eRecovery Management" for creation and sending of framework reinforcement documents from nearby capacity or CD/DVDs, and "eSettings Management" that gives top to bottom framework design and review of framework data reports.
Acer Empowering Technology Framework is an expert arrangement that can give upgraded usefulness of Acer work area and PC PCs for both home and business use. The application is 100% FREE and advanced for every cutting edge rendition of Windows OS.