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Abyss Web Server 2.12.1

Latest Release Jun-13-2019 IST

Should have any of these Installed OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


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Description :

Abyss Web Server is a reduced web server for Windows PC. Regardless of its little impression, it bolsters HTTP/1.1, secure SSL/TLS associations (HTTPS), robotized provisioning and restoration of free testaments from Let's Encrypt® (ACME v2), IPv6, on-the-fly HTTP pressure, dynamic substance age through CGI/FastCGI contents, ISAPI augmentations, local ASP.NET, HTTP/HTTPS/WebSocket turn around proxying, eXtended Side Includes (XSSI), custom mistake pages, secret phrase assurance, IP address control, hostile to siphoning, transmission capacity choking, and log pivot.
It includes a programmed antihacking framework just as a multilingual remote web the board interface that makes its setup as simple as perusing a site.
A natural web the executives interface called the support makes the webserver setup as simple as perusing a site. No compelling reason to alter setup records, the support encourages you set the server boundaries in an easy way and can be gotten to from a nearby or a remote PC. It is accessible in numerous dialects, for example, English, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish.
Chasm Web Server depends on the APX engineering. APX, which represents Anti-crash Protection eXtension, was made, here at Aprelium, to make the server crash-verification. On the off chance that it happens that the product causes a basic mistake and crashes (which is by the way truly far-fetched), a report will be created if conceivable and the server is consequently restarted. The vacation in such a case won't surpass 1 second!
Security is the #1 need in Abyss Web Server. Notwithstanding its propelled URL disentangling motor which rejects malignant and dubious solicitations, it includes a proficient enemy of hacking framework that distinguishes at a beginning phase hacking endeavors or forswearing of administration assaults and bans progressively their starting IP addresses. It is likewise furnished with an enemy of siphoning framework to naturally forestall other sites from straightforwardly connecting to your pictures or records.
Void Web Server underpins the standard SSI orders to assist you with making dynamic HTML pages with the least exertion and without requiring the utilization of a scripting language.
Features and Highlights
Native help for 64-piece stages
Virtual facilitating (support for some hosts on a solitary PC)
Secure SSL/TLS associations (HTTPS), Dual hosts (HTTP+HTTPS), SNI support (Server Name Indication - permits virtual facilitating of a few HTTPS locales on a solitary IP address), and an intelligible SSL/TLS testaments the executives interface
Automated solicitation, establishment, and restoration of free declarations from ACME-consistent affirmation specialists, for example, Let's Encrypt®.
On-the-fly HTTP pressure
Native ASP.NET support
Support for PHP, Perl, Python, "Great" ASP and practically any Web scripting language including the capacity to run database (MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc...) upheld Web applications
Reverse-proxying Web application motors, for example, Tomcat, Jetty, node.js, and ASP.NET Core (Kesterel)
Reverse-proxying WebSocket servers
Support for the Ruby on Rails system
CGI, FastCGI, and ISAPI augmentations support
Custom index postings
URL Rewriting motor
Reverse intermediary support with HTTP/1.1 similarity and association pooling
Multilingual remote web setup interface (support)
Unicode and IDN (International Domain Names) support
Automatic hostile to hacking framework and an enemy of siphoning framework to control cross-site connecting
Server-wide, per record, and per-catalog transfer speed control
Log turn and custom logging groups
X-Sendfile support and confined/token-based downloads
IPv6 support